17 May 2017

Springtime Comes To The North

The first time I looked at this photograph, I thought it might have been made by Daniel Nyblin (1856-1923).  Nyblin is known outside his home country of Finland mostly to fans of early photography but there is something about his  images of flat lands and buildings, anchored at water's edge, made small under a vast vault of sky that stays with you once you have seen them.   In spite of that characteristic suggestion of endless space, St. Petersburg is only three hours away.
But, pleasant as it is to be reminded of Nyblin's  work, I had jumped to a wrong conclusion, two of them actually.  The photographer was an American named Aubrey Bodine, who worked for many years at the Baltimore Sun.  The photograph, taken along the coast of Nova Scotia, is of another continent altogether.  Still, a northern landscape, at least!   

1. Aubrey Bodine - Springtime in Nova Scotia, 1952, Minneapolis Institute of Art.
2. Daniel Nyblin - Overrsvommelse i Borsesje i Leirkup Gjerpensdalen, February 1923 (?), Telemark, Museum, Ragnvald.

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